Telecom Billing

We offer billing automation & revenue management solutions for Telecom companies, Internet Service Providers, Streaming Services and more. Our solutions include Mediation (or Usage Rating) of usage consumption of various services, invoicing, complex pricing, automated payment processing, user ageing and revenue reporting. Our billing experts make sure your services and business run smoothly.

Cloud Billing

We provide Billing Solutions for an IaaS -SaaS providers to enable them to make services simple, affordable and with pay-as-you-go pricing. Our solutions allow you to add numerous new plans and products to your hosted platform, implement new features, allow cross currency charging, change or adjust your pricing structure and more.


Sarathi provides customized solutions to ecommerce systems that include marketplaces and IPAAS (Integrared Platform As A Service) systems. Our rich engineering expertise helps us to partner with other organisations and our clients to build, develop and maintain complex systems that resolve the most pertinent business problems in the ecommerce industry.

Payment Systems

We have been involved in implementation of multiple payment system projects that involved payment gateway integrations, integrations of revenue systems with banks, payment reconciliation systems tied up with accounting and audit automation hand offs. Sarathi teams have been involved in payment gateway integrations with over a dozen different platforms, gateways and banks.

Team Working


Sarathi Softech is a technology based solutions provider with focus on Product Engineering and Customized Software Solutions. It provides Billing & Revenue Management solutions under the flagship service named BillingHub. Sarathi has implemented solutions across the globe for Telecom companies, Cloud companies, Internet Service Providers and more. These solutions include Billing & Revenue Management Systems, Payment Systems, Usage Rating Engines, Provisioning Systems and Ecommerce SAAS platforms. Sarathi holds deep domain expertise in Revenue Management & Payment systems. When the domain expertise is clubbed with technology prowess, the result is very stable, secure, flexible ‘enterprise-grade’ software systems.

Sarathi’s consulting & project implementation teams study the requirements and propose a tailored solution that will suit the customer’s needs. Sarathi does not believe in ‘one size fits all’ solutions. Sarathi has worked with various clients belonging to different business domains and accumulated a wealth of knowledge from these projects, which helps while designing systems for clients. After successful implementations, Sarathi is involved in the complete life cycle of the systems to enhance, maintain and support the software systems. Sarathi provides diligent support to mission critical systems, with the help of a well-defined support system and consultants. That’s why our customers don’t need to worry about being involved in the day-to-day support and operations. They are free to do what they are good at, conducting their business and driving it to new heights.

  • Chasing Excellence :- Sarathi Softech constantly strives to achieve and maintain highest level of excellence in our Team and Services we provide to our customers. We offer top-of-the-line technology services to you and require our Team to attend our weekly learning sessions and implement it to current projects.
  • Integrity & Respect :- We believe integrity is the soul of business. Through integrity and professionalism, we have built long term relationships with our clients. More than 80% of our business is repeat business through clients is the proof of our strong work ethics. We value the talents that we attract, their perspectives and knowledge and treat everyone the way we want to be treated.
  • Openness :- We listen attentively to new ideas from our team and customers. We believe in Teamwork, continuous learning and constantly updating our services to keep up with the latest technology. We believe in improving bit by bit, accumulating a vast expertise in the field of design and development, with collaborative knowledge sharing sessions and on-job learning initiatives.
Sarathi's founder Amol Gadre puts it very simply: We want to leverage technology to generate gains for all our stakeholders. Sarathi is in the process of developing a 'Center of Excellence' where opportunities are created for designing and developing solutions with good, solid engineering principles. Sarathi's mission is to create value for all stakeholders using software systems as catalysts of growth and transformation. We envision a high performance, product engineering unit that delivers the state of the art systems and solutions, which can empower organizations across the globe.
  • Transparency & Trust :- Transparency and Trust in our Team’s competencies, our intentions form the basis of all that we do. Our unpretentious environment, unlike many mediocre corporate highfliers, keeps the calm, composed and balanced approach intact. This leads to the cultivation of straightforwardness, honesty and down-to-earth environment which is of paramount importance in today’s volatile IT landscape.
  • Authenticity :- Contemporary society doesn’t seem to be able to distinguish between what is Authentic and what is not. Speaking your mind and in your own unique way breaks down hierarchy and social status. It also makes communication easier, leading to more fresh ideas resulting into higher productivity.
  • Strong Focus & Constant Learning :- In a world of endless distractions, we prioritize completion and continuous improvements. We focus our energy into what adds the most value, and then commit to it wholeheartedly. In today’s IT landscape, it is not about what you know, but how quickly you learn new Technology and apply it. We believe if you look at a problem with only one dimension you may be able to solve it but not learn or improvise, which is why we constantly change perspectives and learn.
  • Ownership :- Sarathi Softech is a company that is led for a decade by its authority who has a passionate interest in the firm’s long-term successful development. We value every individual’s  contribution to the Company’s enduring success and recognize it timely. We strongly advocate Individual Ownership that includes all of our team


Sarathi's Development

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Sarathi has worked in so many billing implementations, it is hard to count. They are likely the most knowledgeable jBilling expert in the IT services industry. Their experience combined with the professionalism, dedication and honesty makes them the ideal partner for a successful billing implementation

Emailiano Conde
Founder & Former President at Enterprise jBilling Software Ltd.



It’s Our Pleasure To Serve Across The Globe
Payment Gateway Integrations and Reconciliation
Designed and developed Payment Gateway plugins for integrations with PayPal, Payflow (ACH), Payout Express Checkout, Paypal IPN, Paysafe, Worldpay, Stripe, EP2 (Australia), Authorize.net, Bank of America Payment Gateway, Paytrace, Braintree, Postfinance and more. Desgined and implemented Payment Reconciliation system for Bank of America payments.
Data Migrations for Billing Systems in Telecom Domain
Hard core experience with data migration projects. Seamless migration of millions customer records, invoices, payments, assets and orders. Services for reconciliation and verification of migrated data. Cutover planning and iterative data migrations on production environment.
Payment Gateway Implementation for Cloud Service for PCI Compliance
Designed and developed Stripe integration with client's billing system using Java based integration. Data migration of all customers to Stripe from existing gateway that was non-PCI compliant implementation. Implemented automatic update of the credit card info on the billing application using Stripe. Helped client become PCI compliant with this project.
Performance Improvements of Cloud based Batch Processes using Spring Batch
Maintain & support a billing engine for client’s cloud platform. Parallel processing introduced for batch process that generated invoices through multi-threaded parallel processing strategy. Invoice generation process times brought down by over 100%. This helped speed up client’s operations and accounts functions.
Authentication System for Wi-Fi Users
This is an application designed and developed by Sarathi Softech using grails. It involves authenticating a wi-fi user, and creating logs of usage by each user. The authentication involves integration with radius. Reports and search options are provided for user logs. Implemented in 4 well-known colleges in Pune, Maharashtra.
Implemented a Call Charging Module for a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator)
Implemented Mediation Call Charging Module for a MVNO. Systems Integration with in-house software system to feed data into the billing system. Expanded client’s business faster by deploying newer installations. Able to handle multiple underlying Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). Incorporate complex rate cards for calls, sms and data.
Implementation of Billing System for a Call Center with multi brand outlets
Implemented client's billing system for a Call Center within 6 months. Data Migration, new feature design and development, Usage Tracking & Invoice Presentation. Involved with long term support and stabilisation of the billing platform and it's integrations.
Production Support of Billing Systems
Supporting more than a dozen clients to resolve technical and billing issues in production systems. A dedicated team of engineers to support operations and smooth functioning of businesses heavily relying on their billing systems. Level 1 to Level 4 support with standard SLAs.
It’s a portal for sale of various art forms and music. This was a relatively short term project with Sarathi Softech involved in enhancing this site. We could efficiently manage very challenging timelines. The work was done in Struts, Hibernate and UI designs.
Hospital Management System
We have designed, developed and implemented custom J2EE applications in 3 mid size hospitals in state of Maharashtra. This involved applications for maintaining patient's health records, a pathological lab software, prescription printing, email and SMS alert systems and more.


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Sarathi Softech’s Team Is Comprised Of Veterans With More Than a Decades Of Industry Experience.

Amol Gadre

Founder & CEO
Amol has been at the helm of the affairs of our group for almost 12+ years. His in-depth knowledge of systems, solutions prowess, experience working with global clients has helped Sarathi cross many hurdles and help build a solid foundation for Sarathi's growth. He is very good in creating leaders, identifying individual's talent and creating an environment that keeps us running efficiently and enthusiastically.
Neelabh Dubey

Neelabh Dubey

Technical Director
Worked in information technology for over two decades and served clients from various industries like Telecom Billing, Banking & Finance, and Railroad domains etc. His experience helped Sarathi to manage software development efforts, deliver projects on time. He has been continuously improving the process of implementing and supporting systems. As a result Sarathi stabilized a number of software systems.
Shrirang Vaze

Shrirang Vaze

Director of Quality Assurance
Strong, self-driven leader who has demonstrated the ability to proactively drive, manage and grow a team. His 23+ years of experience in Software Solutions Integration helped Sarathi to manage the quality assurance of software solutions. His expertise in Quality Assurance processes has made sure that we deliver stable and hardened software systems to our customers.